Purina® Strategy® Healthy Edge® Horse Feed

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Product Overview

*With Outlast Gastric Support Supplement*
For Maintenance, Performance and Senior Horses.

Health inside and out. A nutritional edge. Two things every horse owner wants for their horse, and what Strategy® Healthy Edge® horse feed is designed to deliver. Nutrition that helps horses look amazing, feel great and perform at their best.

Strategy® Healthy Edge® feed gives horses age 2 and older the nutritional edge needed to support nearly any lifestyle from recreation to performance to retirement. The combination of high quality pellets and extruded Amplify® high-fat nuggets delivers a controlled starch and sugar, higher fat and fiber formulation with moderate calories and balanced nutrition. Made with only high quality, wholesome ingredients and extensively tested at the Purina Animal Nutrition Center, Strategy® Healthy Edge® horse feed is easy for horses to digest and hard for them to resist.

Features & Benefits

Purina® Amplify® High-Fat Nugget

A proprietary blend of vegetable oils, flax seed and rice bran for performance, shine & bloom

Controlled Starch and Sugar with Higher Fat and Fiber


  • For horses with moderate calorie needs, it helps maintain optimal body condition.
  • For horses sensitive to soluble carbohydrates, it provides controlled starch and sugars.


Protein that Performs

High quality sources chosen for their optimal amino acid profiles support muscle tone and overall performance in a moderate protein formula.

Highly Digestible Fibers

Multiple fiber sources including beet pulp provide slow-releasing fuel for sustained performance.

Purina® Outlast® Supplement Added to Support Proper Gastric pH

Outlast® supplement contains a unique blend of ingredients that are designed to support gastric balance, giving you and your horse the confidence to perform.


Nutrient Min/Max Amount
Crude Protein MIN 12.50 %
Non Protein Nitrogen (NPN) MIN 0.8 %
Lysine MIN 0.90 %
Methionine MIN 1.8%
Threonine MIN 7.9 %
Valine MIN 0.6%
Leucine MIN 7 %
Isoleucine MIN 3 %
Glutamine MIN 14 %
Crude Fat MIN 8.00 %
Omega-3 Fatty Acid MIN 7 %
Omega-6 Fatty Acid MIN 4 %
Crude Fiber MAX 18.00 %
Acid Detergent Fiber (ADF) MAX 22.00 %
Neutral Detergent Fiber (NDF) MAX 36.00 %
Ash MAX 3 %
Dietary Starch MAX 10.00 %
Sugars MAX 6.50 %
Calcium (Ca) MIN 1.10%
Calcium (Ca) MAX 1.60 %
Phosphorus (P) MIN 0.60 %
Salt (NaCl) MIN 0.3 %
Salt (NaCl) MAX 5.5 %
Sodium (Na) MIN 1 %
Sodium (Na) MAX 3 %
Cholride (Cl) MIN 1.2 %
Magnesium (Mg) MIN 1.3 %
Potassium MIN 2.4 %
Manganese (Mn) MIN 1.7 PPM
Cobalt (Co) MIN 2.4 PPM
Copper (Cu) MIN 80.00 PPM
Copper (Cu) MAX 6 PPM
Iodine MIN 0.5 PPM
Selenium (Se) MIN 0.60 PPM
Selenium (Se) MAX 2 PPM
Zinc (Zn) MIN 280.00 PPM
Sulfur (S) MIN 5.3 PPM
Iron (Fe) MIN 2 PPM
Vitamin A MIN 3000 IU/LB
Vitamin D3 MIN 8 IU/LB
Vitamin E
Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C)
MIN 2.4 mg/lb
MIN 2.8 mg/lb
MIN 3.5 mg/lb
Moisture MAX 4 %
Total Microorganisms MIN 5 CFU/LB
Phytase (A. Oryzae) MIN 7.1 FYT/lb

Feeding Directions

Start with the amounts of Equine Senior® horse feed given for the weight and lifestyle of the horse. After observing the horse for a period of time, the amount fed may be gradually increased or decreased to obtain the desired body condition and weight.


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